Folgende Projekte haben beim ersten Black Forest Accelerator im Jahr 2014 teilgenommen

We support families who care for a loved one at home. Our software helps with organization and documentation. All given support can be logged online and the family can work together as a team. This is an important preparation for the classification into a care level. With our online tutorials families learn how to cope well with the daily challenges at home.

Developed in 20 years physical therapy, pharmacy and complementary medicine
Conecpt Hands&Mind: Self-regulation from muscels and fascias – Mindfulness
Guidance and Meditation by videos, audios, apps. Supportive vital-substance products for regeneration (ointments etc.) personaly coaching, consulting, seminars.

The App for gyms to improve customer loyalty. Simple & digital. The direct communication channel to the customer with reward system.
Our goal is, together with gyms, to turn satisfied customers into loyal customers and loyal customers into “enthusiastic ambassadors”Website:

Self-Tracking App for People with inflammatory bowel disease – decrease pain together

Colour Dot

Highen up metabolism arrangements and special online services like skype mentorings are among the specially built features for busy people who would like the exercise a weight loss program that fits to their lifestyle. This easy, uncomplicated and suitable weight loss program for daily use will be online from October 2014 on.


What did you eat yesterday? What and how many ingredients were there?
Inspired by Japanese balanced diet covering variety of food items, “foodbook” helps you to record and overview what you eat in a playful way. You will see what others eat and have chance to find a food new to you and learn how to eat it.